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Consultoría Energética is a mexican company that is currently under development and will be dedicated to the sale, installation, and advisory services of solar panel systems. The company has a strong commitment to promoting clean and renewable energy, and focuses on offering efficient and cost-effective energy solutions to its customers through the accessibility of a website.




Consultoría Energética




Consultoría Energética is an emerging company that will be dedicated to the sale and installation of solar panel systems. Despite its dedication and commitment to clean and renewable energy, the company is aware that its lack of online presence will result in the loss of potential clients and limited market presence.


Consultoría Energética has taken the decision to create a website that will allow them to showcase their services and capture the attention of interested clients. This website will focus on presenting solar panel technology along with its benefits in each of its applications, as well as providing detailed information about the sales and installation services offered by the company.


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Consultoría Energética is a company specialized in solar panel systems and solar lighting.

Its objectives are to provide customers with the opportunity to employ green energies and achieve savings in their electricity consumption. It also aims to guide first-time customers in the use of clean energy technologies through consulting services.

Its vision is to make homes and businesses transition to renewable energies, especially those that are high electricity consumers.

The company aims to establish itself as a profitable entity in the Mexican solar market, differentiating itself through immediate service, attention to detail, personalized contracts, and competitive prices.

Commercial and residential users who consume more than $2,500 MXN every two months in electricity have been identified as the target audience.

The company is seeking to integrate into the digital world to achieve a smoother customer acquisition process and a more immediate relationship. It intends to use the website as a platform to showcase the catalog of products and services offered.


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We start with the hypothesis that the use of photovoltaic solar energy represents savings for homes and businesses with high energy consumption. Therefore, this benefit will be what attracts users to Consultoría Energetica's website


Mexico is located in a region with optimal solar radiation conditions, with 85% of Mexican territory having the potential for solar panel installations.

By generating their own energy with solar systems, users can stabilize the price of electricity and obtain savings on their CFE (Federal Electricity Commission) bill over the lifespan of the photovoltaic system.

The DAC Tariff (Domestic High Consumption Tariff) of the CFE is applied to households or small businesses with high electricity expenses, without subsidies or government support, and with a significantly higher cost than other electricity tariffs. Being within the DAC Tariff can result in an electricity bill that is approximately 350% more expensive.


Mexicans with enough purchasing power hesitate to adopt clean energy due to a lack of information and trust.

Two types of users were identified: residential users with a bimonthly expenditure of over $2,500 MXN and commercial users with a bimonthly expenditure of over $3,000 MXN. Both are required to pay the highest tariff of the CFE (Federal Electricity Commission).

Both types of users seek to reduce their energy costs and are motivated to decrease their electricity expenses, save money, and contribute to the environment. However, they are frustrated by the lack of information regarding whether the investment in solar panels is worthwhile. They constantly seek information and policies that can benefit their businesses in terms of costs and billing.


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Problem statements

- Excessive expenditure on the electricity bill.
- Doubt about whether the investment in solar panels will be worthwhile.
- High energy costs that affect production and profit margins.
- Uncertainty about whether the investment in solar panels will provide a quick return.
- Search for policies and subsidies that can benefit their business in terms of billing.
- Interest in learning about successful cases of solar panel technology implementation in other businesses.


The user feels frustrated every billing period due to the high cost of electricity they have to pay. While searching for online solutions to reduce their expenses, they discover that solar energy could help them save up to 99 percent once they recover the initial investment. Consequently, they have decided to get in touch with a solar panel service provider.

The user is looking for ways to increase the profit margin of their business. As part of the potential solutions, they have considered reducing the energy costs they consume. Therefore, they have a great interest in installing a solar panel system, as long as the benefits of this investment are clearly planned to ensure a secure medium-term return.


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The proposed Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a website that provides general information about solar panel technology and its benefits for both residential and commercial users. The website will have the following features:

-Informative homepage: The website will have an attractive homepage that concisely and clearly presents information about solar panel technology and its benefits. Key points such as energy savings, sustainability, and economic benefits will be highlighted.

-Content pages: The website will include content pages that provide detailed information about solar panel technology, how it works, the different types of panels available in the market, installation and maintenance processes, as well as specific benefits for residential and commercial users.

-Contact form: A contact form will be provided for interested visitors to get in touch with the company. The contact form will include fields for users to enter their name, email address, and a space for additional comments or questions.

The goal of the MVP is to provide an informative and user-friendly platform that allows users to learn about the benefits of solar panel technology and contact the company for a personalized quote. As the website evolves, additional functionalities can be added based on business needs and user feedback.

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